Our services

Consultancy & Design

Service available 7 days a week via a special contact person ready to listen to your requirements both for the development of your preliminary project and the monitoring of the progress of your project.


All our technicians work directly for the company and have special training in the construction business (cabinetmakers, carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, etc.), along with skills that contribute to the exemplary performance of their work.


A command of technology and expertise garnered over the course of 30 years’ experience guarantee you a durable investment.


We set great store by the accuracy of the information we provide. Rather than being overestimated, the price quoted needs to be real and fair, leaving the consumer relaxed and free to concentrate on the details of their project. Ongoing training ensures that our advisers have knowledge of the major purchases and can propose the products and services that represent the best value for money.


Working out a project’s budget often takes a great deal of effort, so we believe it should be treated with appropriate respect. The investment in terms of time that we make in your project is an acknowledgement of this. The creative process, together with the flexibility and thoroughness which accompany it, imbue the completed project with soul, spirit and meaning. Our product selections will quite simply transport you to kitchen heaven.